Change MembershipApproved.xslt email to Internet Zone




I have a site collection and I created alternate access mapping of Internet zone to publish it to internet users,

When a user request a membership,the Membership Approved email send to the user with the internal link of my site collection


Your temporary password can be changed immediately by logging onto the Change Password Page using your user name and temporary password.

The ChangePassword page is located at http://srv-a3:24635/sites/arabicsite/Pages/ChangePassword.aspx.

Once you have changed your password, you can browse the  site at http://srv-a3:24635/sites/arabicsite


I want to change this link(http://srv-a3:24635/sites/arabicsite/Pages/ChangePassword.aspx.) to the my Public link like



Does the email get sent with the internal link, even when you request the user through the external link?

The way to guarantee the url that is sent (as well as change the email to your liking) is to edit the templates under layouts\FBA\emails and hard code the urls. To ensure that your layout does not get overwritten when you upgrade, make a copy of the template and point to it in the FBA Site Configuration page.


Yes the email sent with the internal URL even when request the users through the external link

the problem that I used the FBA with two different Web Application with the Same Membership Provider,

the question now is: If I change The Template,it will be reflect to the Two web Application or can I customize the Template for every web application


I found a Solution :) I configured Alternate access mapping for the default zone and change it to the Public URL and it worked good

when email sent now it sent with the Public URL instead of the Internal URL,



Glad to hear you found a solution. Regarding you question about different templates for each web application: yes you can! Just create separate template files for each web application, and then point to the appropriate file from the fba site configuration page for each web application.


Very thanks to your great effort,I will check this