Differents sites on 1 web application, is it possible to hide users?


We have 2 differents site collections on 1 web application, with FBA enabled.
The “administrators” are same on both sites but not the users.
Is there a way to hide the “non active” users of 1 site on the “Manage Forms Based Authentication Users” page ?
Unfortunately I guess I will have to rebuild one site on separate web application…but if there is a way, it would save a lot of time (and stress :wink: )

Thanks in advance,
Loup Cattalano


The code could be changed on the Manage Forms Based Authentication Users page to only show active users. However even if you do that, all logins for the web application will be visible in other places in SharePoint (for example you’ll be able to search and find from all logins when adding users to groups). So for true separation I recommend moving the site collection to a different web application.

Actually - one idea that might work (though I haven’t tested it) - extend the web application to a separate zone. Configure each zone to access different membership providers (you can share the same database, just use separate applicationName’s in the config for each membership provider. Then users for one site collection would login via zonea.mysharepointsite.com, and users for the other site collection would login via zoneb.mysharepointsite.com.


Thanks for your answer.
Is it time consuming to change the code for the Manage Forms Based Authentication Users page ? (we bought the Support plan at Visigo :wink: )


I think it would probably take somewhere around 2 hours - so it could be done with the hours that come with the support plan. Would you like me to proceed? What version of SharePoint are you on?

Also, since you do have a support plan, feel free to email or call if you have questions for quicker response times than the forums.