Enable only change password Menu Item

thy for this solution.

How to enable (or deploy) only chnage password Menu Item for current user ?

Currently everything get's deployed. The web parts would have to be added to a page by somebody with the appropriate permissions though. Also, only site collection admins can access the management features. So for standard users, the change password menu item is really the only feature they can use out of the box (without further configuration by somebody with the appropriate permissions).
but I have several sites and in each site an administrator, I dont want to activate the soutlion on all sites, I make this on the admin console.
I just want enable only change password Menu Item for all sites (and not all FBA functionalities).
Unfortunately then you'd have to modify the solution in Visual Studio, or update the manifest/feature manifest in the WSP, to separate the features.

If you add this to the Issue Tracker, i'll consider it for a future release.
is that the manifest.xml file ? how update it,
Yeah, the manifest.xml lists the features that are included. And then you'd have to update the feature xml to set which components are attached to the feature. There's a bit of info here: