FBA Membership Request


I have created an application page with “FBA Membership Request web part” and added the page link to my FBA custom login page ,when those details was filled by anonyms user and submit those details can be seen under “FBA user management” but cant see those details under “FBA Membership Request management” .

when I added the FBA Membership request web part inside the share point page and added the user details I can see those details under “FBA Membership Request” .
I believe the purpose of the web part is the anonyms user from the custom login page request the access by submit the form then the administrator has approve it.

Can I know the reason why I am unable to see the user details under “FBA Membership Request management” when an user from the FBA custom login page.

Thanks in advance.


You mention the user gets added, but doesn’t go to the membership request list. So when you use it from the login page, I assume the user immediately get’s the ‘membership approved’ email, but when using it inside SharePoint, the user get’s the ‘membership pending’ email?

If that’s the case, my guess is that it’s being associated with a different site collection than you have in mind - one that doesn’t have the ‘Review Membership Requests’ turned on. Maybe your site collection is under /sites, but it’s being associated with the root site collection? (What url it’s accessed from will determine what site collection it’s associated with).


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply,Yes exactly the same thing happened.
Thanks for pinpoint the exact issue.

When I login with the FBA User the top right corner the user name is displaying as fbamembershipprovider but when user change the password its displaying the actual username is there any template amendment required?
Can I also know how to remove the username from the MembershipRequest web part please?



If the username is displaying with the fba membership provider instead of the user’s name, that implies that the user was either created in a different site collection or outside of the FBA Pack completely. If the registration web part runs against the actual site collection they’re using, then it will be updated with the user’s name. User profiles are stored at the site collection level though, so if you then use that same user and login to a different site collection, none of that user profile information will be there and it will show the username including the membership provider.

As for removing the username, do you want to do this so that you would assign the username in the Review Membership Requests list? If so, unfortunately there’s nothing built in to do that - you’d have to modify the code.


Hi Chris,

My FBA custom login page is associated under site root where as the site collection is under sites I have installed the FBA back in both site collection and root site,after going in detail I realised when anonyms user request the membership access its storing under root site FBA Membership Request” where as the administrator will only have access to site collection site and we only use the site collection FBA pack.

can I know how it can be sorted as I want all user request need to be stored under site collection FBA pack but my custom login page is under root site the point is user can only enter into site collection after successful login.



To run the web part under the correct site context, instead of from the custom login page to the registration page via a relative path, link to the registration page with an absolute link in the context of the site collection. For example: www.mysharepointsite.com/sites/mysitecollection/_layouts/15/mycustomlogin/register.aspx


Hi Chris,

I have just found an issue with my Memrship request webpart,when an anonyms user subnit the form the user receiving an email that Membership request pending and the details are storing under “FBA membership Request management” as pending as well as a copy is storing under user management aswell I believe this copy should only be dosplay here after the admin approve the item.
when I approved the user is getting an email that membership approved when they login with the details they are getting membership access as the user can see the site contents .
I have not added the user to any of the sp group I don’t know the reason why by default after login they can able to see the site content all users adding through membership request webpart are not getting visitor access by default they all can see the shared with,Editpage,Add apage ans Site contents.

If I add the user manually through add user that is working fine,can I know where I am doing wrong.



Hi Chris,

I found that all users are storing under Approvers by default after the Admin “Aproved” the request ,I have wrote a workflow to delete the users from Approvers list and now I got this to be working as expected.



The reason there is a copy of the user in user management and under membership review list, is that the user has to be created right from the start, in order to reserve the username for the user. Otherwise somebody else could register with the same username before approval which would cause all kinds of problems. The user is disabled until the user is approved.

The reason the user has access even though you didn’t add them to an sp group is because the membership request web part automatically adds them to a selected group (if you put the web part on a normal page you can select the group when you edit the web part properties). I suggest you put them in a group that has no permissions (Maybe make an FBA Users group), and then they won’t have permissions until you add them to additional groups.

The user should automatically be removed from the review list when they are marked as approved. You shouldn’t need a workflow to do that.

FBA Roles not able to add into Sharepoint Groups

Hi Chris ,
the users getting disappeared from the review list after approved but they are storing under Approvers Sharepoint List by default when approved.
I will look indetail once I go back to my work.

Thanks again for your time .


Hi Chris,
Thanks ,I managed to add an “All FBA User” group and all users are storing under that group, when created with the name FBA User still the Approvers Group is at the top and approved FBA users going into that group so I change my FBA User to All FBA User and now getting the expected result.



You can also set the property on the webpart to specify which group to add the user’s to, but i’m glad you figured it out by changing the name of the group. You’ll have to be careful with that solution though, because if anybody creates a new group that comes before ‘All FBA User’, the users will start getting put in that new group.