How can users get to the register page first and then login after they receive their account details


Hi All,
   If the SP 2010 site is exposed to the internet.
User would have to get to a page where they can register first before they can log in.
How can i use this FBA pack to achie this?

Thanks in Advance.

One of two ways:
  1. Create a standard SharePoint page and add the Membership Request web part to it. Allow anonymous access on the document library that contains the page. No coding required.
  2. Create a SharePoint application page inheriting from UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase, with AllowAnonymousAccess and AllowNullWeb returning true. Add the webpart as a control to this page. The benefit of this method is that it is available on all web applications that you host on SharePoint. The drawback is that coding is required.

Thanks ccoulson for the solutions.
Will give the 2 a shot

Hi ccoulson,,
         Just wanted to post some findings here.
1) When i set allow anonymous i can't get into the site using SharePoint Designer.Any work around for this?
2) Is there a way i can pre load/add all usernames and password to the ASPNETDB - dbo.aspnet_Users tables?
3) Can a custom be used for users to register,change pasword etc///?

Thanks in Advance

1) There shouldn't be any problems using sharepoint designer with allow anonymous on - it should still log you in via windows authentication or FBA depending on the settings for the zone. All of my sites have allow anonymous on, and I can access SharePoint designer with no issues.

2) Sure - i'd suggest creating a powershell script. Take a look at this discussion:

You can use the link there for the delete powershell script as a starting point.

There's also some info on making membership calls from powershell here:

3) Not completely sure what you're asking here. Can a custom membership provider be used? Yes - i've done it before and it works great.