How to enable usernew.aspx access by public users



Thanks for your Fba pack made our life easy wth sharepoint 2010. Here I need to give the users or visitors a provision where they can create their account themselves. So that  they can sign into the site automatically after creation. like gmail or yahoo.

We enabled roles in FBASiteConfiguration.aspx page and created a role named "Standard User".

So Whenever a user creates his account he must come under "Standard User" automatically.

So For creating new user I gave the link in quick launch which redirects it to the location where usernew.aspx located. Location is: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\


But whenever a anonymous user is clicking that link it is asking for user login credentials again. Here my requirement is it must not ask login credentials for public anonymous users.


Please help me in this regard.


Thanking You

You need administrator privileges to use the User Management page.  Use the Membership Request web part to allow others to add users.  If you want anonymous users to access it, add it to a page in a library with anonymous access.