Issue Deploying


We have 1.33 downloaded and added as a farm solution. However, when we try to deploy it to any of our Web Application --> Site Collections, it just sits there and says "Deploying". Same thing happens when I .\deploy via PS.

What can I look at to determine what the cause is? I need this working ASAP.

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The only thing that comes to mind is that your SharePoint Timer service may not be running - check and make sure that is started.
The servers in the Farm are:
  • APPS (Service Apps)
  • WFE01 (WebApps)
The SharePoint Timer service is running on both APPS & WFE01
I'm not sure then. Maybe check your SharePoint log file to see if there's any helpful messages in there. You might also want to try deploying a different wsp to see if other wsps are able to deploy at all.


We have three servers in the Farm:

1) SQL (Content, Admin & Service App DB’s)

2) APPS (Service Apps)

3) WFE (Web Apps)

We have our Web App deployed to WFE, but unfortunately now I am getting this message now that the FBA pack is rolled out:

A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setttings for this web application.

We have the machine.config configured on both APPS & WFE and the SecurityTokenServiceApplication Web.Config modified on both as well.

What are we missing?

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I've been working on this all day without any good result! I can add users/roles to the SQL aspnet DB through IIS without any issues. However, I am unable to get past the error "A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setttings for this web application." when I click on either "FBA user or Role management" under the site collection. The only difference between where I have this working in DEV is that in DEV we only had one server for ServiceApps/WebApps and in PROD we have that broken out as two servers "WFE01 & APPS01". Currently, we only have the machine.config and SecurityTokenService configuration done on the WFE server. Does this also need to be done on the APPS server? We noticed that for each Web App we create on WFE01, the IIS site is also created on APPS01 by default and we are unsure of why.

Please help, we are seriously at the end of our idea's on this one!

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As for the "Membership Provider has not been configured correctly" - that means that for some reason the FBA Pack is getting an error when it tries to access the membership provider.

First thing I would double check is that your db connection string and your membership provider settings in the machine.config and securitytokenservice really are correct.

If you're sure they are - my guess would be that it's a DB permission issue - if the membership provider is connecting via windows authentication, make sure that the app pool identity is a db owner of the aspnetdb.

As for not having the configuration done on the app server - I agree that that probably isn't causing the issue in this case (assuming you're sure you're connecting to the front end and not the app server). However, I do recommend that you make the same machine.config and securitytokenservice config changes on the app server, so you're not left scratching your head if some service needs to access the membership database for whatever reason and errors out because it's not there.


Ok, it is fixed! The Web Application’s service account didn’t have rights to the FBA SQL DB!

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