Issue on Win08R2 SP1 & SP2013


Has anyone successfully configured the SP2013 FBA pack to work on Win08R2 SP1 which uses IIS 7.5?

It seems to be having a problem running a .NET 4.0 AppPool on IIS 7.5. I don't see the .NET provider icon for my SP web app nor Central Admin. When I choose Machine Key from the SP web site in IIS 7.5 I get a validation error pointing to my web.config file. It doesn't like the machine key line......validation="HMACSHA256".

I can go into more details about what I'm seeing, but I'll start with seeing if anyone has sucessfully done this before elaborating. I've successfully done it on a Win2012 server just fine.

I have gotten it working on R2 SP1. Unfortunately IIS 7.5 doesn't have .Net 4.0 helpers for settings up the membership and role web.config entries. Please see here for instructions on setting them up manually:

(These instructions were done using 2008 R2 SP1).

If you’re getting a message about machine key validation, that probably means that you’re using a PasswordFormat of Encrypted. I recommend using a PasswordFormat of Hashed, as it’s more secure as the passwords can’t be decrypted. It also doesn’t depend on a machine key to encrypt the password, so you won’t run into this problem.