Issue with setup



Okay I'm sure I'm missing something simple or did something but I am not seeing any of the FBA choices under Users and Permissions after I've got everything else working. I can manually create accounts in the database and log in with them. Sharepoint says the solution is installed for the site, yet only seeing the default three choices under Users and Permissions. I'm sure it's probably something simple I've overlooked but I think my brain has melted and could use some advice.


It's an administrator only option. Make sure you're logged on as a site administrator.


Yeah that's the thing I'm logged into the site with full control of it. That's whats why this seems so weird.


Are you sure that your user is listed under Site Settings -> Users and Permissions -> Site Collection Administrators? Even if you are in the Site Owners group, which essentially has control of everything, you won't have permission to access the pages unless you are a Site Administrator.  The reason being that the user management page allows modifications to all users in the membership database, which can be users in other site collections, sites where you may not have permissions.


Yeah, I've got two people listed as site collection administrators and both of them are unable to see those options under the users and permissions in site settings. I removed the solution again and reapplied it to only this one app and still having the same problem. Sorry to bother you about this but getting this to work would make my life so much easier.


Do you have the feature activated in the site collection? Are the FBA web parts available to add to a page?


I got it figured out. Seems like the first uninstall of it didn't take, so after a second uninstall and reinstall I was actually able to activate it (wasn't showing up to activate before) and then the options appeared on the list. Thanks a ton for your help and everything, now onto this receiving email issue.