Last Login Logging?




Does the FBA allow for me to see when a user last logged into the system?  If not, is there another way that I can do this?  

Thank you in advance!  Your application is awesome!


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The FBA Pack doesn't currently show the last time a user logged in (but feel free to add this feature request to the issue tracker).

Currently though you can query the membership database to find out this information.  There's a column in the aspnet_membership table named LastLoginDate that should give you the information you need.

The following query should give the last login date for a specific user:

FROM aspnet_membership JOIN aspnet_users ON aspnet_membership.userid = aspnet_users.userid
WHERE aspnet_users.username = 'theusername'

Or just leave the WHERE clause off to get it for all users.

Hopefully the query works, but I don't currently have access to an environment to test it.


You are awesome as usual!  The command works like a charm.  Thank you!

Upon your suggestion, I'll be adding this to the Issue Tracker for possible inclusion in the next release.


Keep up the great work!