MemberShip Request Webpart Issue


Hie. I have added the MemberShip request webpart to a SharePoint page within a library that has Anonymous access enabled. My issue is now when a user fills in the details on the webpart and clicks Create User, the page just reloads and does not move to the completesteptemplate. How can I fix this?

I have checked the logs and it says Setting status to access denied

Your response is greatly appreciated.


Is this with a customized version of the FBA Pack or the standard one? If it’s with a customized version, try with the standard and see if it works.

Otherwise it sounds like a permission issue on your site. Does it work if you are already logged into the site as an admin? If so there’s probably some asset that’s getting loaded on the page that is not from the anonymous access library. If that’s the case you can use the network tab of the chrome developer tools to trace which request is giving an access denied and causing the page to reload.


Yeah thanks it turned out to be a permission issue.

However on membership approved the solution is not sending out membership approved email after request would have been approved


It uses SharePoint to send the emails. Are other emails going out from SharePoint? If not, you have to setup smtp in central admin. If other emails are working, the smtp server is probably not configured to relay and the emails are probably being addresses to external users (if relay is not configured your smtp server should still deliver messages to internal email addresses).