Using XSLT to send mail

Hi I am wondering to one level xslt seems to working just fine but i have added one more 
class and MemberShipRequest hold List Property i want to list each in Msg
I dont want to serialize and work with xml is there any way current code can handle this ?
  public List<PlanCode> PlanCodes { getset; }

The current code generates the email templates with xslt, so if you want to use the current code you'll have to serialize the list to xml and then render it in the template with XSLT.  

Of course, if you're making changes anyways and you don't like XSLT, why not change how the templates are generated.  Maybe do a search and replace on tags in the email template instead of using XSLT.

Thanks for your quick reply.

yes you are true. as i wanted to use existing code as it serves more then we need.

And thank you very much for FBA pacakge.

For now i created one more property that gives me string so i could use xslt with current code as it is.