Accent characters in the account name




I have created an account that contains the character ö (an O with two dots).

I was then NOT able to edit the account.

I edit the account name at the SQL server and removed the accent character.

/Bengt Nilsson, Sweden


I've noticed similar issues in a lot of web apps where data with accents has been imported from excel or a text file. The issue is that it is expecting UTF-8 encoding, and the character from your post is not.  I expect that it was copied from an ANSI document and pasted into SharePoint. I found that if I type the character myself (Alt0246 on the keypad) it works ok.  It also works if I copy the character to NotePad++ and then choose to convert to UTF-8, and then copy the character into SharePoint.


I also tried to add a user using the keyboard (I don't need to use Alt) but got the same problem.

The accent characters looks good in the list, but when I select to edit the user, I got "Cannot find Username" and the accent character in the username is displayed as some other character.


Interesting. When I tried yesterday copying the character, I didn't get any errors, but the name wasn't saving. Today when I try, using the copied character, I don't have any problems. 

Can you check the SharePoint logs and see if there are any errors logged when you perform this operation?


Another thought - maybe the collation setting on your ASPNETDB sql server database is the issue. Mine is set to 'SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS'.