Across Zones? Can I use the Web Parts on Intranet to Manage External Users in Extranet


I have SP2013 setup as our intranet (, and have extended the web app (the old way) into the extranet zone ( I configured FBA on the latter, and it works perfectly when I test it (by going to the extranet URL, entering credentials for a user I've added to my database).
Is there is any way I can add these web parts on a page within the intranet zone, so I can manage external users' access to the OTHER site URL without having to logout of and then INTO http://extranet.com__??__

If it's just an extended web app, the sites should be identical no matter which url you access it from - so the web parts should be available in both when added in one.

You might be running into issues if the membership provider isn't setup in the intranet zone. The membership provider is in the web.config, so you have to make sure it's in both the intranet and extranet web.configs.

You might want to check out my blog entry on setting up the membership provider. I put the membership provider entries in the machine.config, so they're automatically available in all web applications you create:

Thanks for such a quick reply.

Actually, I used your reference material to setup several different options to show our security group. I was thinking about doing just what you mention, but I want to be certain that no redirect page pops up for my intranet users, asking for them to select "Windows" or "Forms Based". My initial thought is that since I've only set the intranet zone's Claims Provider as "Integrated Windows - NTLM" and NOT "Forms Based" with any of the SQL Membership or Role Provider info - I'm good to go.

I REALLY appreciate your help. Thanks!!

You can actually set the intranet as windows only and not forms based. As long as the membership provider name is defined in another zone, the FBA Pack will find it and use it.