Add additional fields to Membership Request




I know you mentioned this in a previous discussion. But could you kindly elaborate how to add additional fields into the Membership Request webpart.

And when the new user clicks submit, how can those additional fields (and their data) be transmitted (displayed) in the Membership Review List for the approval / rejection process?

Basically without actually modifying the Schema.xml file of the "MembershipReviewList", is there another way to add fields?

For instance, I want to add a "City" field and a "Phone Number" field. Do these get stored in the database?

Which files/classes would I need to modify.

Thank you, in advance, for any help given.


Right now the membership database only stores the username, password and email address. The user's full name is stored on the SharePoint user's profile. That's where I usually store things for any custom development that I do.

If you have review membership requests turn on, then yes, in addition to storing them on the SharePoint user profile, you'll also have to modify the membership review list and add the new fields there.

You'll have to modify the web part templates in Layouts\fba\webparts to add the new fields.  You'll have to modify the membership request web part itself to capture the values.  And to save the values, that will be in membershiprequest.cs.


Thank you for the quick reply.

"you'll also have to modify the membership review list and add the new fields there" --> how would I go about doing this?

The only place I can see where I can edit to add new fields is the "Schema.xml" file in "MembershipReviewList" list definition.

In the "Schema.xml" file -->

(Line 570)


  <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"/>

<FieldRef Name="_Version"/>

<FieldRef Name="FirstName"/>

<FieldRef Name="LastNamePhonetic"/>



Is it there that I add additional fields like "City" & "PhoneNumber"?

Or am I going about this the wrong way.

Thank you.



I'm sorry that i'm so inexperienced in the working of SharePoint 2010.  I been at this for a few weeks and nothing good is coming about it.  How much would it cost for you to put in another field in for me? 

Is there a private email with which I can contact you as well?

Thanks so much.


I can definitely do this for you. Give me a call at 1-888-847-7844 x101 and we can discuss what needs to be done. You can also find all of my contact info at


Hi Paul,

Just following up from our phone conversation on Tuesday.  I haven't received any emails from you since, and unfortunately I forgot to ask for your contact info.  Can you send me an email with the status?