Add the web parts to pages



I have read the page:

About "Add the web parts to pages"

"There are three highly customizable web parts available: Membership Request, Change Password and Password Recovery. They must be manually added to the page you’d like to use them on:"

I created a subsite on the FBA site and added the webpart "Membership Request" to test it.

I filled in a test user in the request form and got the answer "Your registration request has been received."

The "Site Membership Review List" is empty.

When used the request form I was logged in as Administrator and new users cannot login...

Should I have a separate site for "Membership Request"?

Best regards,
Bengt Nilsson, Staffanstorp, Sweden

No need for a separate site, the membership request web part should work as is.

If the user is not being added to the Site Membership Review List, make sure that 'Review Membership Requests' is turned on in the FBA Site Configuration page.

The workflow is:
Review Membership Requests turned OFF:
User signs up with Membership Request web part
User receives approval email with username and password and login url

Review Membership Requests turned ON:
User signs up with Membership Request web part
User received 'Membership Pending' email
Administrator approves membership in Membership Review List
User receives approval email with username and password and login url

I would like have more details on what page the I should put the web parts for Membership Request

You would do 1 of two things:
Create a standard SharePoint page in a library with anonymous access, and add the web part to it. If you want to use it on multiple site collections, you would create a page on each site collection that you need a registration page.

Build an Anonymous Application Page and add the web part to it. In this case, the same page will be available on all site collections in SharePoint. Some info on creating an anonymous application page is here:

I have setup a new web site at my test server and added a blank SharePoint site.
I setup to allow anonymous login to the site.
I added the FBA settings in the web.config file.
I deployed then SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack to the new site.
I added the webpart "Membership Request", but it didn't work.

I got this message on the page with the Membership Request

Membership Request
A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setttings for this web application.

There's an issue with your membership configuration on your test server. Check the membership provider settings and db connection string in your web.config. Also make sure, if connecting to SQL Server via windows authentication, that the app pool identity has db owner permissions on your aspnetdb database.

I was able to setup the anonymous site correctly with the "Membership Request".

I'm able to fill in a new user that are created in the database, but the administrator and the user never gets any mail.

The SharePoint server is able to send mail (I tested this by setting up an alert on a page, and I got a message about the created alert).

"Site Membership Review List" is always empty.

The new user show up in the list "Manage Forms Based Authentication Users" (Active=No).

I can edit the user and change status to Active and select a group/role.

I can reset the password, but the user does not get any mail.

I can then login with the user name and password to the FBA site.

If you're not getting email, check the SharePoint logs - there should be an error message from the FBA Pack with details of the problems it encountered sending the email.

Also - make sure it didn't end up in your junk mail. As well, if your mail test was a local email account, and your user creation test was an external email account, it could be that relaying for your smtp server hasn't been configured.

You were right about external email.

I have in another post reported problems with accented letters and changed the collation for the FBA database at the SQL.
It was not a good idea to do that, because I got the following error when I tried to save the settings for a user:

"Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "Finnish_Swedish_CI_AS" in the equal to operation. "
The error was repeated 5 times in the same message.

I will change back to the original setting (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS).

Mail to external users is working now, but "Site Membership Review List" is always empty.

The user list displays 20 users per page. Is it possible to change that?

Did you check that 'Review Membership Requests' is checked on the FBA Site Configuration page? If it is, does the user get a 'Pending approval' email? If there's no pending approval email, then likely there's still an issue sending emails. Either way, check the SharePoint log file, and there should be an error listed in it which will hopefully explain what is happening.

As for 20 users per page, it's hard coded. You would have to manually modify UsersDisp.aspx. I've raised an issue here:

The user get a 'Pending approval' email.

The user is in the user list (as Active = No)

I will try to find anything in the log file.

I haven't checked the loggs, but the manager doesn't get any mail about the new user.

The manager has tested the Membership Request, but found that he will miss information about the user:

He would also like to have address, phone number and company name (optional) for the user.

He will solve this by telling new users at the home page (normal webb, not SharePoint) to send him an e-mail with all details and he will enter the users manually him self.

You're right - the manager doesn't get an email by default. He can set up an alert on the Membership Request list, to be notified when a user is added.

Currently address, phone number and company is not supported by the membership request web part, but I do plan on making customizable profile fields available in the next version. Currently you'll need to modify the code directly to add these fields. I've been doing custom builds for customers who'd like extra fields/functionality.

When you add support for phone numbers, please have two fields for that.

It will be completely customizable by the user actually - so you'll be able to add any fields you like.