Adding FBA to existing SharePoint installation


Hi! I would like to add FBA to an existing SharePoint Foundation 2010 installation. We only have one SharePoint Application, and it only has one zone (default, We set it up so that internal and external users both use the same URL; the drawback is that I have to set up all users in Active Directory now. I would like to use FBA on this zone...I'm hoping internal users will still use AD, and external users would now be set up in the FBA database. It looks like I can convert to claims based auth:
$WebAppName = "http://<yourWebAppUrl>"
$wa = get-SPWebApplication $WebAppName
$wa.UseClaimsAuthentication = $true
What is the next step though? Installing and configuring the FBA Pack? Any help or guidance is appreciated! Thanks!


Thank you ccoulson, everything worked like a charm! I have one question though. After implementing FBA, when I add Active Directory users to a site it no longer pulls in thier Department/Title/etc. from AD. Is this a result of implementing FBA, or something else? Is there a way to fix it? It was nice when it pulled that data automatically because it saved the user from having to manually enter it (and possibly entering incorrect information). Thanks!

I haven't worked with AD authentication all that much - just for authenticating users, I haven't worked with syncing AD fields with SharePoint before. If it used to work and now it doesn't, it's probably not likely FBA - as there's not really any connection point between FBA authentication and AD authentication. My guess would be it's the difference between straight windows authentication and claims based windows authentication - as they differ. I'd suggest setting up two test web applications: 1 windows authentication only and 1 claims based windows authentication only, and see if you notice the difference between the two setups.