Advanced Login

Hello Team,

i creaded a own login with link to password reset and register based on this guide:

Now it seems there are still some issues.

  1. Password Recovery and Membership Register are looking for (in this case german) language ressources and take not default if missing. => To fix i created own
  2. Password Recovery throws no correct error if mailsettings missing (could be set in IIS Manager)

      <smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="email address">
        <network host="email server" port="25" />

    3.  Membership Register has still an issue with "OnCreatedUser". I temporary solved it with:

request.FirstName = this.FirstName;
request.LastName = this.LastName;
request.SiteName = web2.Title;
request.SiteURL = web2.Url;
request.ChangePasswordURL = Utils.GetAbsoluteURL(web2 ,settings.ChangePasswordPage);
request.DefaultGroup = this.DefaultGroup;
request.LoginCreatedUser = SPLoginCreatedUser;

 It seems the RunWithElevatedPrivileges function produces this error. It comes a ThreadAbortException.

     4.  Furthermore password encryption in provider is not supported without machinekey. I think it is no fba pack problem, but maybe some documentation would be nice.




Mathias O.


1. I haven't experienced this - I do get warnings in the log file that the resx file it's looking for was not found - but it still displays the english items from the default resx. Do you get redirected to the SharePoint error page? What do you see?

2. Password Recovery is setup to expect a mail send error, which calls to send the email via SharePoint - so you have to make sure that your SharePoint email settings are correct. Do not use the MailSettings section in your web config.

3. I haven't experienced this error. If you can come up with steps to reproduce, can you please add them to the issue tracker and i'll fix in the next release.

4. True, the password encryption is provided by the membership provider. I actually suggest to use a PasswordFormat of Hashed instead of encrypted. Then the passwords are not "decryptable".