After installing, error trying to open FBA Site Configuration


The resource object with key "SiteConfig_Title' was not found.

Correlation ID: 355c535d-afd8-47e6-b37c-e5276b8bbbe1

Just to give a background, I followed the set up instructions and ran the install from power shell. It asked if I wanted to run both deploy and undeploy. I have tried it with running only deploy and also with agreeing to run both. It does not matter, I get this same error every time.

Can someone explain what this error is telling me, and provide any direction on how to correct?


Does everything else work? It sounds like you're missing a resource file - i'm not sure why that wouldn't have been deployed.

You can check your web application to see if it is indeed missing.  It would be at:
[IIS Web App Folder]\App_GlobalResources\FBAPackWebPages.resx

To correct, try retracting the solution in Central Admin (Farm Solutions), and then redeploying it to the problem web application.

read how to setup FBA using IIS 

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Hi ccoulson,

Thanks for the response.  Retracting the solution in Central Admin (Farm Solutions) and redeploying seems to have done the trick. :)