Bulk add or delete Users



First of all this is a great tool. Thank you very much. I have successfully deployed it to a existing site. I have unchecked the the box to use the existing sharepoint groups. When I go to the FBA user management, all of the users do show up, but they say 'No' under the column 'isinsharepoint'. Then clicking on the user, allows me to check a particular sharepoint group and then they are able to log in. This part is fine.

But we have almost 400 users on the site and doing this one at a time is very tedious. Is there a easier way to add all of these users into one user group. Also, is there a way to bulk delete users? If you have a script, it will be great.

Wish List - Would be nice, if there was a check box next to each user in the user management list, then I could simply check as many as I want and then perform the action to add them to a particular group, or delete them.

Thank you again for a very well written tool.



How are new users added? If you're using the membership request web part, you need to select a SharePoint group that is part of the site collection. Then the user will be added to the group (and the SharePoint site collection) automatically.

As for bulk deleting users, check out these two blog articles I wrote:



For the bulk delete feature request, add it as a feature request in the issue tracker and i'll consider for a future version.


Thank you for the prompt response. Currently I am not using the membership request webpart, since it is an extranet and we do not allow any requests. However, there were alreay 400 users on the site before we added the FBA pack. So most of these users show up as 'no' under the column 'isinsharepoint'. To add them, I am clicking on each name under the FBA user management screen and then assigning them to one of the 4 groups already created in sharepoint. This works fine, but I was wondering if there is a way to run a script on the database and assign all of them to one group (since most of them belong under one group anyway). Then under the column 'isinsharepoint' they will all show as 'yes' and they can then log in.

Thoughts. Thanks again for your prompt help. Much appreciated.


If i'm going to give access to a large number of users i'll usually add them to a role in the membership database, and then i'll just add that single role to a SharePoint group - which will give all of the users access.  Unfortunately this will not set the users display name, so that will have to either be done manually or with a script. Unfortunately I don't have any scripts for doing that.