Can't login with created users



I got an issue using the fba pack although I don't think it's caused by it. Whenever I try to login with a new created user I can find the following error message in the application error log: Exception occurred issuing a security token The security token username and password could not be validated

The users have been created in the aspnetdb and they're shown in the membershit user settings. No matter how often I try to enter the password (resetting doesn't work either) the field FailedPasswordAttemptCount is 1. It's even 1 right after creating the user (no I don't use auto login).

I really have no clue where to start and using google didn't help me either. Any suggestions are much appretiated


If the FailedPasswordAttempt field is never changing, then SharePoint isn't using that membership database to authenticate. Your membership or database connection string settings in your web.config probably need to be fixed.

Check out the instructions here:

And remember that the connection string and membership settings should be in at least three web.configs (and should have the same settings in all):

Central Admin

Secure Token Service

Each SharePoint Web Application (and Web Application Extension) using FBA


Hey ccoulson, 

thanks for your fast reply. Your answer narrowed it down perfectly. Do you have any idea why auto login for new created useraccounts could not be working?


As long as Auto Login is checked on the Membership Request web part and 'Review Membership Requests' is turned off, it should be working. What happens after their registration succeeds?


He gets redirected to the spezified link, but I think I've messed up something with the configuration. I'll download a fresh copy and try it on a fresh system again. 

p.s.: My german translation and my suggestions should follow next week or at latest the week after that.


Thanks! Any translations/suggestions are greatly appreciated!