Captcha Issues



We have FBA pack 1.1.0 deployed on our SharePoint Server 2010 web application.  Everything works great except for the Captcha.  When you access the "Membership Request Form" on the server, the captcha shows up every time.   The captcha intermittently renders when you access the site off of the server.  You can refresh the page or select "can't see the word?" and it may or may not show up.  There are not any errors in the error logs on the server in reference to this issue.  Do you have any clue of what could be causing this issue?


Not off the top of my head. I have found that sometimes the captcha is slow at generating and being returned, but as long as you wait a few seconds it always appears. If you wait, does it eventually get generated?

I find it strange that it always works on the server, but not always off the server. Are you sure there are no content filters/proxies between the server and the client that could be screwing things up? Also, have you tried different browsers to see if it happens in all browsers, or only a certain browser?


It does not eventually generate.  The only way to make it generate is to refresh the page or click on "can't see the word?" but both of those don't always work.  I'm not able to test the captcha in other browsers other than IE 8.0 due to network restrictions.  I'm looking into whether a content filter/proxy could be effecting the captcha.


There are not any filters that are effecting the Captcha.  When the membership request web part is accessed I get a sequence of errors that happen over and over:
#20015: Cannot open "": no such file or folder.

(#2: Cannot open "": no such file or folder.)
Failed to read resource file "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Resources\FBAPackMembershipRequestWebPart.en-US.resx" from feature id "(null)".
Failed to open the language resource keyfile FBAPackMembershipRequestWebPart

Failed to open the file 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Resources\FBAPackMembershipRequestWebPart.en-US.resx'.


If I undeploy and redeploy the FBA package, will that fix this problem?  Or could I get the missing file and add it to the Resources folder?


The error you see in the resource file is not actually an error related to your problem - it's not actually an error at all.  For some reason SharePoint logs if it can't find the resource file for the exact culture you have your site defined for. It properly falls back to the default resource file.  If you don't want to see those errors in the log file, you can copy the default resource files and add .en-US just before .resx. I assume the logging for them can also be turned off in the logging configuration, but haven't looked into it.


I copied the default resource files and added the .en-US.  When I did this, when I accessed the Request Access page on the server it was intermittent.  It was also intermittent on the client.  As soon as I removed the copied file, the captcha renders everytime on the server but is still intermittent on the client. 


The resource files should have nothing to do with the captcha being rendered. Maybe check the iis logs to see if when you request it, iis tries to return it. Fiddler might help too.  Very strange problem, i'm not sure why it would work intermittently.

I guess you could take the easy solution - disable the captcha on the membership request web part (there's an option in the web part properties).