Change Password menu action not displaying


 I deployed your .wsp successfully to my site.  All functionality worked like a charm. Great job!

I want to customize some of the pages. So I loaded your .wsp (version 1.3.1) into Visual Studio 2010. I haven't made any changes yet. Now when I deploy the solution the "Change Password" menu item does not display in the user drop down list. I see the CustomAction is there. Also in other related posts you reference FBAMenus, I don't see this anywhere in the FBAManagement project that I loaded from the .wsp.  Any ideas?

I'm going to suggest that if you're going to make changes that you start with the source code instead of the wsp.  FBAMenus is a section in the source code.  You can download the source code both from the Downloads page and the Source Code page.

Thank for the quick response.  I downloaded the source code and deployed.  Sure enough the menu item is there.  Thanks alot.