Change password page


It's a major improvement for my site to use the FBA Pack. I'm just wondering how I can change the web-part properties in the default "change password" page a user gets sent when a new account is created or a password reset is executed; < URL >/_Layouts/15/FBA/ChangePassword.aspx

When I open this page, there is no "edit"-possibility?

You can edit the ChangePassword.aspx page in the layouts folder if you'd like.  Any of the web part properties can be added and customized on the FBA:ChangePasswordWebPart tag:

<FBA:ChangePasswordWebPart frametype="None" chrometype="None" id="PasswordWebPart" runat="server" changepasswordtitletext="" />

As you can see, the title for the web part has been blanked out.  If you need to know the property name you'd like to customize, check the code here:

They're listed like:

public string ChangePasswordTitleText


Just make sure to write them in all lowercase in the tag.

Also, if you make changes - back them up. They'll be overwritten the next time you update the FBA Pack.

It works like a charm. A bit awkward I must say, as adding the webpart to a page of my own gives me the oppertunity to edit all these variables through the web part properties. But still, it is the end result that matters!

Thanks for all the work you've put in!

Ugg...I forgot of a change I made a while ago that makes this much easier.  Create your own ChangePassword page in SharePoint by adding the ChangePassword web part to it, and then go:

Site Settings -> FBA Site Configuration

and set the address for the Change Password page to your new one (you need to use a relative path).