ChangePassword Site not configurable


i have an strange problem with the fba pack.
When i change the "changepassword" site in the fba config to an site, the link in the user menu in the upper right corner still links to "_layouts/fba/changepassword.aspx".
Does anybody have the same Problems?

thanks for your help

The problem is that the configuration  you are trying to change doesn’t change the link in the menu – that’s essentially hard coded. It changes the link on the User Registration and Password Recovery emails (So that you can point it to whatever page you’ve put the Change Password webpart on).

thank you!

so i have to change the "_layouts/fba/changepassword.aspx" to personalyze it?
Will there be a way in the future to also chnage the link in the menu?


No, to change the link in the menu you'd have to change the elements.xml under FBAMenus and redeploy.

You can either change the existing page to personalize it, or you can create a new page in SharePoint and add a ChangePassword web part to it.