Changing Email Recipients



Greetings - Is there any way to change who recieves emails from the Membership Request webpart? Here's the senario: I am only allowing our internal people to request access for an extranal person. So I would like the "pending" email to be sent to the internal requestor, NOT the external person wanting access. Ideally they would recieve confirmation that their request was being processed and I as Admin would go in and approve/reject the request. On a related note, is there a way to add a bcc address to ALL emails being send through the FBA Pack, password change, membership request etc.? Thanks in advance for any insight!


At the moment, no there is not currently a way to sending the email to the request or add a bcc address to all emails. What you can do for the membership request is add an alert to the membership review list - so you will be alerted when a person requests a new membership. For the other items, maybe detail what you'd like as a feature request under the Issue Tracker, and i'll consider it for a future release.