Code Suggestion



Hello there, 

I've been working with your FBA Pack for the last 2 weeks and I would like to suggest some code changes. Is it as simple as downloading the source code, changing it and commiting it back to the server?

I've added a german translation and support for css for the controls so far. In addition I've done a little code review, which helped me a lot to get a better understanding.


That would be great! Right now people have just been downloading the source code, making the changes and then submitting the changed project through the 'Upload Patch' section of the Source Code page.  I'll then diff and apply the changes. I did just request a source control change to Mercurial, which will allow you to send the patch only instead of the whole project. I'm not sure how long it will be before they change it. Hopefully not too long.

A german translation would be great, and i'm looking forward to see your css changes. 


I'm planning nothing fancy and for the css part I'm a beginner myself for sure. All I've done is adding some css classes to the used controls and a css file itself, to be able to do some basic ui modifications.

The german translation should be reviewed aswell from somebody else, to make sure I've nailed it.

In general I'll need some time myself anyway, so there's no need to hurry from my side, I just wanted to offer something back for the work you've done! 


Great! I'm looking forward to your changes.


Good news - the repository has been converted to mercurial. From the source code page you can now Create a fork. Then use Tortoise HG to clone it locally, make your changes and commit them locally.  Then push your changes back to the fork.  When you're all done, create a pull request.