Compatible with foundation 2010?



I agree that it's surprising this is not part of the SP install package, given it supports fba.  Thanks for your work.  I installed your solution in Sharepoint Foundation 2010, and it deploys, but the FBA User Management stuff does not show up in my site settings.  Is it compatible with foundation2010?


--- UPDATE:  I figured it out.  It is compatible with Foundation 2010.  I had to add and install using SP Mgt Shell, then log into the site with windows credentials so I was Site Collection Admin and Activate the FBA Feature for the site collection.  Doh.  Thanks again, this is a big help and I am grateful for your generosity.


Looks like you just beat me to the punch.  I just finished doing some quick testing on Sharepoint Foundation and all worked well.  All of my previous testing had been done on the Enterprise edition.  

Glad to hear you got it working.  The deployment scripts should activate the feature on the site collection specified by the site collection parameter.  If you want to activate it on a site collection other than the one specified by the parameter though, you will have to do it manually.