Complex password upsets UAG2010



I am using UAG2010 as a gateway for users to access seems that some passwords are so complex that UAG bombs out of the sign on attempt...if i reset it in sql to something not as complex then the user can proceed...any way to prevent this?


Right now the FBA Pack uses Microsoft's function for generating password:

Unfortunately it only allows a minimum complexity to be specified, not a maximum complexity - so at the moment there is no way to change this, apart from changing the code and putting in your own password generating function.  Perhaps add it as a feature request in the issue tracker and i'll consider it for future versions.

In the meantime, if you grab version 1.3 of the FBA Pack, there is no need to go to the database to reset the password.  You can use the Reset Password page from the user management screen to reset to a password that you specify.