Custom Login Page Breaks Search

I have installed the FBA pack and created a custom login page. After spending 2 days searching for why my sites were not being crawled I stumbled on a post pointing to the custom login page as the issue. After reseting the login page back to default the crawl was sucessful. Can anyone explain what is missing/needed to resolve this issue? Thanks!

I don't know why a custom login page would be causing the issue. My guess would be that it's probably trying to authenticate via windows authentication and your custom login page is not allowing that. What you can do to fix the issue, and keep your custom login page, is extend the web application to create a second zone. That zone can use the standard login page - in fact you could set it up to be windows authentication only.

Bummer :( OK - So by extending I'm going to have to create another IIS site. I'm using a host header for my current site, do I have to do the same for the new site? Can I just assign a port number to it? Also the current site is in the "Default" zone, should I be changing that to Extranet, and put the new extension in Intranet? Thanks!

You can use Central Admin to extend it, which should set up the new IISsite and set the host header - you shouldn't have to do anything within IIS. You should be able to just leave the existing one as default, and change the new one to Intranet.

OK cool - do I have to assign a host header, or can I just use a port number? Thanks!

Just using a port number should work fine.

Well.. I created the extention, switched my original site back to custom login page, added the extension to my content sources, reset the index, ran full crawl. My original was again not accessable but the new extension was crawled. Oddly though when I enter the original site thru my custom login page I get 0 search results. Also when I enter thru the extension I get 0 search results. So now I'm confused. Should my results from the extension be available to users logged into the original site?

Yes, results from the extension should be available to users of the original site. As long as the user has permissions to view the documents that are being indexed. Do the crawl results show the expected number of documents being indexed?

Well it's seemed that I needed to do some server mapping from the new extension to the org site url. Now the results are showing in the original site. Just seems odd that using a custom login page would cause all these issues. I would be curious if anyone knows the difference between the default CBA login page and using a custom page. Is it an issue with code elsewhere that bombs because of the referenced new login page? Thanks!