Customising the .resx file?

Hi Chris and all,

Firstly a big thanks for the FBA pack, it has been a great help and I think it will save my colleague and I a lot of time.

I am looking into customising the webparts, specifically the MembershipRequestWebPart, this may be a ridiculous question, if I manually change the .resx file or add new items to this will this cause further issues down the line? Or is there a better practised way of adding and amending these values? Only place I could find to actively change these values. As you can tell I am a newby to Webparts etc...

Any insight would be brilliant, so a big thanks in advance.



Okay ignore my post I have now noticed that you can amend most values within the edit panel within the website once the webpart has been added (under the Display Section)...doh!!!! Apologies.