Customizing the membership approval/pedning/rejected message for sites


I would like to know the possibility for configuring email text at site level. Currently my registration form page exist in (sitecollection/site/registration.aspx) so when someone registers he receives pending email text what I have configured in sitecollection/site/_layouts/FBA/Management/FBASiteConfiguration.aspx page but when when I approve the user from membership review list it sends the approval email text that was set in sitecollection/_layouts/FBA/Management/FBASiteConfiguration.aspx but in this case I would like to use email text configured at sitecollection/site/_layouts/FBA/Management/FBASiteConfiguration.aspx page. I know that membershipreviewlist exist at the site collection level but I would to know if there is any such possibilitiy.

I would like to take the opportunity to thanks you for your earliers replies which are useful and helped me to solve the issues.

Currently the email templates are stored at the site level, so if you use the membership request or forgot password web part, it will use the template from the site level The one issue is the membership review list - because the approvals/rejections happen on the site collection site level, it uses the templates from the site collection level. Unfortunately we're not currently tracking the site that the membership request was initiated from, so there's no way at the moment to use the correct site level template. We'll have to start tracking that in order to do this. I've raised an issue so that this can be addressed in a future release:

I suggest in the meantime you make the approval and rejection templates generic enough that they'll work for every site that you have.