Database connection string AAG listener

Hi Chris, I have 2013 and always on configured. If I fail over I get ” A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setting for this web application ” it looks like the config is pointing to one DB server. Is there a config file or settings file that I can check and edit to point to my listener?

I checked the Webconfig and master.config files and i don’t see it there. Also permissions on SQL are the same both instances of the database.

So it works fine when the main node is active, but not in failover mode?

The error message indicates it can’t talk to the db.

I’m not very familiar with SQL Server failover clusters, but my guess is that either the db connection string is pointing directly at the main node instead of the cluster address (so it doesn’t know to talk to the failover server), or for some reason the permissions are different on the failover server (which they shouldn’t be).

Also, your db connection string should either be in the web.config for the sharepoint web application, or in your machine.config (And if it was setup using the instructions on my blog, it will be in the machine.config)