Different SharePoint event 6875 and 6644



Hi, Im having a problem with an old version of FBA Pack stuck in SP.  I recently downloaded and installed version 1.3.1 and love it.  However old older version is stuck in one web application and it began throwing event 6875 after installing version 1.3.1 (I didn't know the old version was still there before installing 1.3.1.)
I've read your other posts regarding event 6875 and the event receiver error and when I removed the FBA Pack, it removed version 1.3.1 but not the older version.  Now I am seeing event 6644 which says, "Event manager error: Could not load file or assembly 'Visigo.SharePoint.FormsBasedAuthentication, Version, .....The system cannot find the file specified"

I can see the old links in Site Settings for the old version still under a heading "Forms Authentication Management" and this can be found under Reporting Services.

How do I remove all pieces of the old version?

Thank you!



Apologies - it was another FBA solution on Codeplex and NOT the FBA Pack.  Closing this thread.