Disable Membership Request Pending email message



After a user fills in the request membership form, an email message is send to the user that says it's request has a status pending, and the user will receive an email message once it's request has been approved.

Is it possible to disable this email functionality and only send an email when an user is approved and can sign in to SharePoint?

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No, not at the moment. However you can customize the content of the email from the FBA Site Configuration page (Site Settings).

Thank you for this quick reply.

I'd like my colleagues (in this case "Project Managers") to create Membership Request for external users, without giving them Full Control permissions on the Top Site Level.

I thought this was the best way to go, but if the tool sends a pending message to the users email address this won't work.

Any other ideas?

Are the users always going to be approved? In this case i'd either give the project managers access to the User Management page, where they can add the users directly and assign them to the required groups. Alternatively you could turn off the 'Review Memebership Requests' and, put the Membership Request web part on a page only accessible by the Project Managers - and then the users they request will be approved immediately.

If you still need the administrator approval step, you could just change the pending email to say something like 'The project manager has requested an account for you on xxx.yyy.com. You will be notified when the request is approved.".

Thanks. For now I've got enough information. I'm going to run some tests.