Email address in FBA User Management GUI


Hi Chris,
First of all , My sincere thanks for providing the community with this very useful tool.

We have:
  1. Sharepoint 2010 FBA Pack installed in our environment.
  2. A single web application with 9 site collections.
  3. 6 FBA user accounts that have access to all of the above (2).
If I change the email address FBAUser1 in site collection 1 it doesn't update the email address for FBAUser1 in site collection 2 ( it does update the row in the membership table ).
Then if I change the email address for FBAUser1 in site collection 2 it does not update the user name for FBAUser1 in site collection1 ( again it does update the row in the membership table )

I would like to know if there is a way for the email address to be kept consistent for a user across all site collections ( other than manually configuring the user accounts to use the same email address across all site collections..which I'm about to do now )


Unfortunately SharePoint stores the user profile information at the site collection level, so profile fields entered in one site collection don't get carried to another. Usernames and passwords will work between the site collections, as they are stored in the membership database.

Sharepoint deals with this for AD users by having a synchronization service that synchronizes the site collection's user profile properties with those stored in AD. Unfortunately this only works for AD accounts and not FBA accounts.

A synchronizing feature is planned for the next version of the FBA Pack, but unfortunately that is two months out at the earliest.

Thanks for your response Chris.

Makes sense.

The fact that user names and passwords are synchronised is the most important thing for me ( I can manually update the FBA users email addresses across each of the site collections , we are talking about 6 users at the moment.. growing to a maximum of about 50 over time )

Also I think you have just provided me with the best explanation of the user profile synchronisation service I have ever heard.. so thanks for that too.