Emails work from New User but not from password reset

Hi.  I have v1.2 installed and everything is working fine except some emails.  If I create a New User from the FBA User Management page and select to send a welcome message, the message is sent with no problem.  However, on the password recovery page I get the error message 'There was an error sending the email, please check with your administrator'.

I can access the XSLT config pages with no trouble.  Other web apps on the server send and receive emails with no problems.

Any idea why email would work from the FBA User Management page but not from the password recovery webpart?

Thanks.  And thanks for FBA Pack

If you can access the XSLT and can send emails from the New User page, i'm not sure why it wouldn't work.  Can you check the SharePoint log file, it should have an exception in it that will give some more details of the problem.

Turned out I needed to register the SSL cert with Sharepoint.  All emails working fine now.  Thanks