Error: There was an error sending the email




Many thanks for the lovely solution to seamlessly manage FBA users. I got it all working except the emails. I have checked a few times and pretty sure I have configured it correctly. Infact my outgoing emails are also working with scheduled and immediate alerts. I have checked all the configuration and settings pages thoroughly but don't understand what I might be doing wrong:

The New users are not sent emails, and when using the web part to reset the password it errors:

"There was an error sending the email, please check with your administrator".

Any help will be greatly appreciated.





First, make sure that your settings are correct in Central Admin both under System Settings and Web Application settings. The other thing to check is that under FBA Site Configuration, you're pointing to the correct XSLT files.  If you've modified the XSLT files, restore the original files to test.  This thread also has a lot of good suggestions to get the emailing working: