Failed Powershell deployment



I tried to install the FBA Pack on a production server.


I am logged on to the server (with IIS and Sharepoint 2010 server enterprise) as a local administrator, and logged onto SP Central Admin with a site admin login. The site has an empty Site collections I just created which I can access via Forms authentication. The whole thing is working nicely with Form based Authentication as per this article.

However, when I started the script from Powershell to install the FBA Pack, I am getting deployment errors such as the one below. I have tried it with Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted - again no difference.  Given so many people managed to get this working - I must be doing something wrong - but I cant figure out what is wrong.


EDIT:  I got this working now!!!

Lesson: Dont log on as local admin to run Powershell if you are working with a multi machine production environment!