FBA after a new farm is built

Our sharepoint farm crashed. We worked with microsoft support for some time and their solution was to rebuild the farm and re-use the existing db’s.

We got it rebuilt and the FBA rebuilt and we got the plugin re-installed. We are having issues with the FBA users logging in that had accounts before. They all show up, but IsInSharepoint is flagged as no. Is there a command I can run to bring them back the way they should be? The FBA usernames show on the site like I would expect, but they get a “site is not shared with you” error when they try to log in. I can create new users and those work fine.

As long as the site collection was restored from the db, then all the existing user profiles and permissions should also have been restored. My guess as to the issue is that when you rebuilt FBA you used a different membership provider name than what you used before. SharePoint looks up the user profile based on the membership provider name + username. So probably all you have to do is change your FBA setup to use the membership provider name that you used to use. You should be able to query the users in the site collection with powershell to see the full username it’s using and determine the old membership provider name from that.