FBA Configuration query

I have SharePoint 2010 Setup with various web applications.

Web Application1
Internal URL: http://client-project External URL: http://client-project.company.com

Web Application2
Internal URL: http://client-project2 External URL: http://client-project2.company.com

Web Application3
Internal URL: http://client-project3 External URL: http://client-project3.company.com

I want to setup FBA so that external users can access SharePoint sites with FBA Authentication from Internet. Users will be created in SQL database so that we do not require to use Active Directory. Internal users will access the sites through Windows (AD) authentication.

Can we have all web applications sites to be accessible from Internet with FBA? If so do we require to create seperate membership provider for web app?
Can we manage all FBA users through Management Pack? If so can you share detailed setup guide/document.

FYI, I have posted the same question at SharePoint 2010 discussion forum as well.
Ref. https://sharepoint2010fba.codeplex.com/discussions/541936
Yes, all web applications can be accessible from the internet with FBA.

If you don't want the users shared across web applications then you will need a separate membership provider setup for each web app. You can reuse the same database for each one if you like, by giving each membership config a different "applicationName" setting (Or just create a seperate db for each membership provider setup).

You can manage all FBA users through the FBA Pack. It includes a user management page that allows you to create users, edit user details and permissions and reset passwords. Some screenshots are here: