FBA Functionality after going to SSL

Thank you for helping me with my previous issue.  Those issues have been corrected ... but now we have found another.

On the specific network we are on (non-commercial) we do not have a Certifying Authority for SSL certs, but some users' networks require SSL encryption to login to a website.  In order to remedy this, we used a self-signed cert, extended the app, and added the binding and cert into IIS.  All works fine.

Users are able to connect via https:// and submit a request for membership.

If an administrator is logged into the site via the https, and attempts to "approve" a pending user request, the following error occurs and the user account is not recreated in the User Management section FBA.  Instead, the account requests remains in the FBA User Request Management page and listed as "approved.

ERROR: An operation failed because the following certificate has validation errors:\n\nSubject Name: CN=SERVERNAME.domain\nIssuer Name: CN=SERVENAME.domain\n Thumbprint xxxxx\n\nErrors:\n\n SSL policy errors have been encountered.  Error code '0x2'..

If an administrator is logged in via http (NOT https), the process works fine.

Also, you may wonder why we care if we can simply use http to resolve this ... we may not be able to keep the http alive and be force to go https.


It sounds like SharePoint doesn't trust the certificate.  There's some good pointers in this discussion on getting it working:


If you still have issues you might want to try generating free certificates from here: