"FBA User Management" page on site settings of different site collections with different information


I have one Web Application with FBA.

On this Web Application I have the main site and one PWA (an other Site Collection).

The users listed on both sites are the same. And create one user on one Site Collection, the user appear on the other. To here every thing is ok.

But if the information, like Full Name or Email is changed on one, it not appear on the other.

Looking on database, the last email saved is updated.

I'm missing some synchronization at this point. Is that available and I didn't setup?

Fabio Brandão.

No, sorry, it's not available. This is simply the way SharePoint is designed. Each user's profile is stored in the site collection, and the site collection's do not update each other.

If you have SharePoint Server (Standard or Enterprise - not Foundation), the My Sites functionality has a built in user profile synchronization that will updates the my sites information on all site collections.