FBA User Permission


I would like to know what is the minimum permission FBA user should have to access a sub site. I have created a sharepoint group and assigned read permission but when FBA user tries to access the sub site it give access denied error but if I give contribution right only then FBA user can log into the subsite. But I do not want to give them contribute rights. I think I am missing something very basic.

Unfortunately there is a bug with FBA permissions on sub sites. You can read about the workaround/upcoming fixes here:


Thansk for the earlier reply. I have another question, The first time when I deploy the package it creates the membershipreviewlist but when I redeploy the package It overwirte the membershipreivewlist I lose all the records in the list. For our organization we do not want the records to be deleted from membership reivew list and also overwritten be each deplyoment so I have disabled delete item from approved switch case of event receiver of membershipreviewlist.

I have tried removing the feature from deployment but it seems like it still removes the list. Any suggestion wourld be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.

Yes, the deletion of the membershipreviewlist occurs during deployment to ensure a successful upgrade of the FBA Pack. I figure this shouldn't be an issue as upgrading (or redeploying) of the FBA Pack should be a pretty rare occurence. Also, approved memberships are automatically removed from the membership review list, so the review list should only contain pending and rejected entries. I have just made a note in the install / upgrade documentation for users to approve any pending memberships before an upgrade.

If you'd like to remove the deletion of the list from the code, check the feature activation event receivers - that's where the deletion is done.