Hanging after .\deploy command


I have FBA configured and working according to the instructions. Now I'm trying to deploy the FBA Pack using the .\deploy.ps1 http://myurl command. Powershell is hanging after running the command and not doing anything.

I am running PS in administrator mode. ExecutionPolicy is unrestricted and the SharePoint Admin service is running
Never mind, I think that download was corrupt. I re-downloaded it and it worked fine.

I also have a same problem. I re-downloaded but issue is not resolved.

Try restarting the SharePoint Timer Service and SharePoint Administration Service (Windows services).

still unresolved I am stuck in FBA.

So you restarted the services and the dots just keep appearing on the screen (the dots indicate it is waiting for the timer service to install the packages)?

You can try manually deploying it with the ‘Add-SPSolution’ powershell command, and then completing the deployment by installing and deploying via Central Admin - Farm Solutions, and finally enabling the feature in the Site’s Site Collection Features.

However i’m thinking that if this isn’t installing, it’s probably something related to the SharePoint timer service, and you won’t be able to install any solutions on that SharePoint farm until it’s resolved.

continuously showing “Deploying”

You could try to install another SharePoint solution to see if that installs or gets stuck at deploying as well - to determine if it’s the FBA Pack or the SharePoint server itself. My guess is it’s the server itself and the timer service is probably not running things for some reason. There a thread here on troubleshooting solution installs stuck on ‘deploying’ - though for the most part it suggests restarting the timer service and trying to reboot the server:

Oh - and if you have multiple SharePoint servers, be sure to try restarting the timer service on each of them (and/or rebooting each of them)