How can Retain the suer in same page after his account creation


I have modified your code and placed my custom control in membership request form when user registration over i am unable to send the user to continue button page . user i retain in the same page. i am not see the default controls after the suer registration. i am able to my own controls why?

i am checking the page where membership web part is placed with
these Conditions
1) query string
2) custom sharepoint list wheather user is contains in that list
3) same thing to other list

if any of the above condition fails i am not show the page to user

i need to two requirement

1) need to sharepoint notification once user registration over
2) stop the complete step page how can do it

If you want to customize the flow of the membership request web part - it really is just a customized version of Microsoft's CreateUserWizard. You can read up on adjusting the steps here:

As for the notifications, I haven't done it before, but I expect you could just add it to the complete step template. If not, see here for adding javascript to a web part: