How do you enable people search?



My normal search works. Created a search center. Did crawl (full and incremental) and was able to get search results of my documents in my lists and libraries.

But when I made an Enterprise Search Center, and I tried to look for the users that were added using the FBA pack, nothing shows up. The Enterprise Search Center is still able to display results of document search, but no display for user searches.

For instance, I added "Laura Sanders" to my SharePoint site using FBA pack. Her info is stored in my SQL Server's ''aspnet_db" database.

But when I created "User Profile Service" for people search (People search requires 3 services to be correctly configured -- Managed Metadata Service, Search Service Application, and User Profile Service), it created 3 databases (Profile DB, Social DB, and Sync DB). But "Laura Sanders" doesn't show up in any of these databases.

I can understand that there are currently no "User Profiles". How would you normally be able to search for users stored in the "aspnet_db" database used by the FBA Pack? Or how would you allow Enterprise Search center to return people search results of users stored using the FBA Pack?

Thank you kindly


I can't say i've done it before - but I expect the reason it's not working is that the User Profile service only syncs Active Directory accounts.  The user profiles for FBA users are actually stored in SharePoint, but they're only stored in the site collections that they've been added to or logged in to.   So two different site collections could have different profile info for the same FBA user, as there is no sync service for the FBA accounts. 

You should be able to find FBA users with the people picker (used for settings permissions, etc....) - but as for how to get it working with the search center, i'm not sure off the top of my head.