How the membership request user will get his password


hi i have successfully installed this wsp in my site collection i have created the three web part and i have enable anonymous access to my FBA site when ever any person access this home page(fba) site he is able to see the membership request web part after he enter the details he is getting comformation like "we received your data". now i am getting some issue like how the membership request person will get is password to access the site . here "Site Review membership request list" does not containing any information even i selected the "Review membership Request" check box in FBA configuration page i am,not getting entries in "site Review Membership request list"

Make sure that email has been properly configured in SharePoint. The web parts won’t work without it.

When email in configured properly, the user should get a ‘Membership Pending’ email when they sign up using the membership request web part.

Admins should then be able to see the user in the Membership Review list and approve the user. When that is done, the user will get a ‘Membership Approved’ email that contains a password for the user.

hi thanks for your Response
i have implemented FBA in sharepoint2010 using this link("") i have applied FBA to my Extended site. for my base site i have applied Window authentication . i have configure out going email setting in my CA i am able to send alert also in my base site after deploy the Sharepoint2010 fba pack to my site collection . in "FBA site configuration page" i have mentioned the email address what i ahve exaxly mention in CA. what email id i need to mention in "FBA Site configuration page" to send email to membership request user .even i mentioned email who has added to zone(in whicn my extended site ) through user policy tab uisng sharepoint Centarl admin Ribbon Tab also, i am not able to send email to membership request users

The email address in the FBA Site Configuration page is just the reply to address that will be on all emails sent from the FBA Pack.

One thing to check - are the emails you're trying to send to external emails (, while the emails you tested are for internal emails?

If that's the case, your smtp server probably isn't configured for relaying. That will have to be setup. Test setting up a user with an internal email address to see if that works.

If you still have issues, check the SharePoint log file - it should tell you the error it encountered when trying to send the email.