How to Add a new Field in FBA Pack


I want to add a new field in NewUser Form while creating the new user.
It should be a textBox like the "User Name" and mandatory.
And this field should be display in all FBA form like Edit user Form and if it is present in anywhere in FBA Pack.

There's a lot of places where this will have to be put in. I suggest searching for 'email' to find everything related to the email field, and then duplicate that logic to add your new field. I generally store custom fields like this in the user's SharePoint profile.
I have already deployed the FBA 2013 Pack.
Can you please tell me how to meet my requirements now.
Yes, you'll have to modify the FBA Pack with Visual Studio, and then redeploy the updated FBA Pack - which will overwrite the existing version that you have installed.
Can i do the FBA Form customizations in SharePoint foundation 2013 because user's SharePoint profile Service is not in this?
Yes - the fields are just stored in the site collection's local user profile.