How to use Membership Request Functionality?

Hi How to use Membership Request Functionality ? as far as my requirement i need only add member to database in what way can i do please suggest me Thanks

Just add the Membership Request web part to a SharePoint page. You'll also have to allow anonymous access on the page (or only users logged on to the site will be able to use it).

Hi ccoulson if i want to add more fields to the membership webpart apart from email,first name ,last name how can it be done?

In brief i want to add create password field to the existing fields.

Is their anyway it can be done please suggest me.


Yeah, that can definitely be done. Just download the source code, then you can edit the web part in Visual Studio.

Hi How can we get the Credentials for Team Foundation Server?

You don't need them to download the source code. Just download the source code from the downloads page, or click on a change set on the Source Code page and click download.

If it's prompting you when you open the source code in Visual Studio, just click cancel.

Hi ccoulson i got it but am getting  Login Failed Error how to correct it?


Where are you getting the Login Failed error from? TFS? You don't need to be connected to the CodePlex TFS to develop.  If you are prompted for a password, just hit cancel and it will say it will work offline.  If you don't want to get prompted for a password anymore, just go to Source Control -> Change Source Control to disassociate the code from the CodePlex TFS.

Hi am not getting error from TFS i have given my site url and deployed and it deployed successfully but when i fill all the fields in membership request webpart and click Create User It showing [LOGIN FAILED FOR USER i.e. DOMAIN\USERNAME].

I have login with Primary Administrator and it is showing Login Failed For Secondary Administrator.

I'm not sure.  Did you change any of the code before deploying? Do the other web parts work properly? How about the user management screens?


i didnt change any code and i didnt check other web parts when put in debug mode and check it is getting all fields like verification code and image but finally it's throwing that error.

i will check with other web parts and let you know


Hi chris again i have downloaded the code and i have given web application url and i have deployed it shows the error

Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) 0 0 Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication

Where did i do wrong?


I sometimes get access denied (but I think a different access denied message), and restarting the "Windows Management Instrumentation" service (or rebooting the machine) fixes it.

Make sure though that the user you are logged on with is a SharePoint administrator and that they can login to the url specified via Windows Authentication.

HI Chris please if you dont mind can you give me a hint or suggest me in what way i can write code for password and confirm password which i can insert into Membership web part.


Hi chris i deployed successfully and when i attach debugger and check it is showing 

'Error Sending Mail Notification '

How can i resolve this bug.


In regards to adding the change password and confirm password functionality, all I can suggest is to look at the code for the Membership Request and other web parts. In particular look at the MembershipRequestControl and the class it derives from - CreateUserWizard:;k(TargetFrameworkMoniker-%22.NETFRAMEWORK%2cVERSION%3dV3.5%22);k(DevLang-CSHARP)&rd=true

As for the Error Sending Mail Notification - that usually means that there's a problem with your SharePoint email setup. Check your settings in Central Admin Outgoing Email Settings, as well as the settings for the web application.

If you would like customizations to the FBA Pack, I do offer those services through my company.  If you're interested, contact me via the Contact Us page on

when i  place  the membership request webpart on login page and  i fill all  the fields and  click the button  i am  routed  back to login page  ,but  if  i place membership webpart in  a sharepoint page then  iam  able to add  new user after  clicking the sumbit.

the error  iam  getting using  first  method is

 system.unauthorized access exception for _ _layouts/fba/emails/membershipprovider.xslt

system.unauthorized access exception for  _layouts/fba/emails/membershiperror.xslt

system.unauthorized access exception for  _layouts/fba/emails/membershippending.xslt

system.unauthorized access exception for  _layouts/fba/emails/membershipRejected.xslt

system.unauthorized access exception for  pages/passwordquestion.aspx

system.unauthorized access exception for  pages/changepassword.aspx


please help urgent



I can't say i've tried that.  What I usually do is add a link to the login page to a seperate Register page.  Have you created a custom login page, like here:

? Or are you modifying the actual built in SharePoint 2010 login page?

Potentially some code in the login page is conflicting with the web part - but that will be pretty tough to debug as it's not available (without reflecting the code).

Why not just put a link to a separate page?


    I have a requirement where a new user needs to signup for the site. For that I used the membership request webpart in the application page but the user not

getting email for temporary password, but if same webpart is placed in a site page and login with some credentials and sign up for new user then an email

is received to whatever email is provided during signup. But this won't satisfy the requirement, the sign up page should be anonymous. Can you tell me am I

missing anything